How do you get popular on Instagram?

Your success on Instagram depends on your follower count, and on a platform filled with so many users, photos and styles, this might seem a little intimidating and difficult to improve. Relax, there are many ways to earn yourself new followers and stand out from the crowd; but before starting remember the most crucial part: it’ll take time. Don’t expect to go from 0 to 1000 followers overnight. Celebs had to wait to be discovered too, you know? Please visit our article sponsor: Tampa Parking Lot Striping

Keeping that in mind, let’s start.

  • Hashtagging!

Instagram is all about hashtagging. There’s a hashtag for nearly all topics, which gives you the chance to open your mind and go beyond the obvious to promote your own pictures. Instagram aids you to see what hashtags are the most popular at the time, and logically there will be some others that won’t be all that much used. Mix things up a little, go for a hashtag used by millions and then tag another that is only used by thousands. It’s all a matter of giving your captions the major exposure that you can achieve and reach to different users within the platform. Use fun and catchy hashtags but never go for the obvious ones. Part of the hashtagging charm is being unique and exciting, and contrary to popular beliefs, following trends is so not in.

  • Promote your own hashtags

Now that we are on the hashtag subject, creating your own ones is a very nice way to sponsor yourself, your business or product, but how can you be sure people is going to use it if nobody knows you yet?

Put it on your Bio, talk about it outside the platform, make Twitter do its thing and tweet about it, just use anything that you can to endorse it and make it known to the public. If you’re promoting a product, then print merchandise or ads with it so your clientele will help you out to make it known on social media. (Things don’t become popular just because you want them to be.)

  • Update your bio

Believe it or not, keeping your bio the same day after day just gets so boring, even if you use it sponsor links to your personal website, blog, or other social media profiles. Try for it to be only links to your newest or most popular content and change them at least once every two weeks for your followers to see the change and be directly drawn to whatever new stuff you’re up to.

  • Use descriptive captions

Granted that “telling a story with your photos” sounds a bit corny by now, but it’s still true. People likes to see memorable photos that are akin between one another and makes them feel like they are there with the user that’s taking it.

Travelling pics are a perfect example of this: a photo of the jungle here, a photo of a waterfall next, the beach; it’s perfect for inserting yourself in the landscape and crave the experience. But for provoking this kind of emotion in your followers you’ll need to use quality photos and arrange them in a way other people will find aesthetically pleasing. (It’ll take some practice, but you’ll get there.)

  • Influencers are your friends

Or at least they will be.

Visit the profiles of the influencers your possible clientele follows and follow them as well. Make sure you get notified every time they share new content and interact with them the most that you can in order for the interaction to turn mutual. You’ll become one of their favorite people or brand in no time.

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