How do you make your Instagram look professional?

Instagram is a very versatile app useful for both the personal and professional ambit, it’s not uncommon for companies to create accounts where they display their products in an aesthetically pleasing way to increase their follower count and, subsequently, their clientele.

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Nevertheless, promoting your business through Instagram is a matter of consistency and organization more than anything, professional accounts cannot be treated in the same way as personal ones, so you have to follow a few small tips to make your account as productive as possible.

  1. Pick your aesthetic

Remember that in this case is not really your personal aesthetic, but rather the one that represents your product or company the most. Of course it can be a reflection of your own personality, yet it is mostly about what the public would like to see. There are plenty of ways to find inspiration for this, so don’t worry much; Instagram is filled with different aesthetics from dark to rose gold so it’s just a matter for you to choose the one that fits you the best.

  • Get creative with the layouts

I already said it, versatility. Which also requires creativity to shift things up and come up with new ideas for your content. It’s no secret the audience can get bored easily, that’s why spicing or coloring things every once in a while is crucial to maintain your already loyal followers, and attract some new ones. Instagram already has the option to create outstanding collages with different pictures, and you can also use apps like 9Square to divide one photo into multiple squares and more.

  • Develop main content themes

This is where it becomes the most evident that business accounts are not the same as personal accounts. Selfies are fun and cute, but way too repetitive; even influencers have to come up with varied content to show off. Depending on what your business is about or what product you’re trying to promote, choose themes that go with it and add them to the mixture that is your feed.

  • Use a akin filters

Another solution to make your feed a bit more diverse, is just using filters to make your photos look harmonic but also differing between one another. Besides, have you seen how one photo can look like four different ones using only the Instagram filters? Yeah, aim for that.

  • Dissimilar types of pictures

Don’t post two selfies together, don’t post two landscapes together, don’t post two anything together. Or at least try to make intervals: one of this, one of that, one of the other. Is all for making your pictures more interesting for whatever new users come across your account, and maybe showing off your photography skills.

  • Think about the order of the pictures

If you’re publishing three photos at once, then remember the one that will be first shown will be the middle one and your followers will have to swipe to the left and right to see the first and third picture, respectively. Post a middle photo that calls out the attention, and make the other two to be rather complementary to it instead of more outstanding. It will make a great combination for your followers to see.

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