How do I get the best Instagram filters?

I don’t want to sound like that, but Instagram filters are truly an art. It’s amazing how a single photo can look ten different ways with only the use of the right filters. And not only for the captions but also for the stories as well. My wife remarked the other day how one particular filter made her look like a super model.
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Since 2019, the biggest hit have been the AR filters, which have proudly maintain their popularity up till now. And besides, Instagram has also included a new Effects Gallery to help discover new Story filters.

One would believe that such amazing features would be overly popular, but ironically they are not, for they are only for the ones looking for great Instagram Story filters… like you!

In that sense, the best Story filters are hidden in plain sight; you can tap the new Effects Gallery and color correct your footage, add cool lightning or keep your Instagram aesthetic going.

When you visit a creator’s profile, you’ll find the new effects tab above their feed, which is the one where you can browse all of the AR effects they’ve created. You can tap on any of the effects and you’ll presented with the option to try it, it will open your Instagram Stories camera where you can try it right away. If you like it, you can also save it by tapping the “Save” option in the lower right corner of the effect. And that’s all! Your newly acquired effect will appear in your effects tray in the Instagram Stories camera for you to add it to any future stories.

There’s also the “Browse More Effects” button to open the “Effects Gallery”, to which you can also access by tapping the leap button on the previous screen. In the Gallery, you’ll find thousands of common AR effects and you’ll be able to sort them by category or topic. Once you’ve saved your favorite Instagram Stories filters and effects, they’ll appear to the left of your capture button when you open your Instagram Stories camera.

Here are a few options in Instagram Story filters and effects for you to search and apply:

  • Rose by @thesundaychapter

This was actually one of the firstly created filter and it gives your content a sweet, classy, feminine look. It looks amazing on travel photography and video footage.

  • Breeze by @carmushka

This is for a more subtle, but equally charming look. It’s just as fitting for travelling and landscape shots though. The filter softly levels up the contrast and dampers the exposure of your shot.

  • Mood by @diana_luchitskaya

Everybody loves a good autumn aesthetic, and this filter is perfect to give you the vibe. The vintage-tones soften the bright colors and give your photos a classic and gentle air.

  • Cinematic by @ilhamrofiqi

This filter smoothly upgrades your content to give an antique movies finish to it, and there are many options to apply: from near black and white grayscale to rustic yellow tones. All of the options are fast and easy to edit.

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