How do you do effects on Instagram?

Are you ready? Ready for some instagram effects? Get ready for some super cool effects…. in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

For making a picture or record a video with a camera effect:

Tap the camera icon up to the left on the screen or slide your finger to the right while you’re on your feed.

Slide your finger to the down to the left and select an effect. For seeing the effects by the independent creators, glide your finger to the left until you reach the end and tap the effects icon.
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  1. Tap it to make a picture or keep it pressed to record a video. When you use the front or back camera, the effect that you chose will automatically appear on the object or person you’re photographing.
  2. Applying effects and filters

Once that you upload your photo or video, you can edit it by using filters:

  1. Tap Next and then choose the filter you wish to apply.
    1. Select the filter once again if you want to adjust its intensity, which you can do by switching the control to the right or left, and then tap Done for saving the changes.
    1. Tap Next for adding a text or a location.
    1. Select Share.
  • How to apply effects to your Instagram photo?

You can edit the photos that you have taken or uploaded from your phone’s gallery. If you wish to do so, just tap Next, and then Edit on the lower half of the screen.

  1. Tap Adjust to change the orientation of the photo, let it be vertical or horizontal.
    1. Tap Glow for augmenting or reducing the picture’s brightness.
    1. Tap Contrast for making the bright parts even brighter and the darker ones, darker.
    1. Tap Texture for enhancing the details and the texture of the photo.
    1. Tap Warmth for changing the colors on the photo for warmer or cooler hues.
    1. Tap Saturation for augmenting or reducing the intensity of the image’s colors.
    1. Tap Color for adding a color to the picture’s shadows or highlights. Tap the color twice for switching the intensity.
    1. Tap Attenuate for giving the photo an antique aspect.
    1. Tap Highlight to adjust the focus of the bright areas.
    1. Tap Shadows to adjust the focus of the dark areas.
    1. Tap Vignette for obscuring the borders of the photo.
    1. Tap Clarity for adding clarity to the photo.
    1. Tap Blur for muddling different areas across the picture.
  • How to cut a photo on Instagram?

If you want to cut a photo, you can:

  1. Tap Edit, and then Adjust.
    1. Tap the screen and separate your fingers for amplifying the image. Then, move the photo and adjust the content you wish to appear on the frame. Use the squares to aid you to realign the photo.
    1. Tap Cancel for cancelling the procedure, or tap Done to save the changes.
  • How to compare the original photo to your edited one?

Before posting a photo, you can tap it and keep it pressed for seeing the original one’s aspect and compare it to your final edition.

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